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  • ID Fellowship Match Results: Good News But Much Work Remains


     The 2017 Infectious Diseases fellowship match brought some good news to the ID community. It is difficult to quantify the change in numbers of positions and applicants given that this is the first year of an All-In match. The number of slots in the match increased as expected and the number of applicants going through the match increased by 14 percent (from 280 to 320) with increasing numbers of US graduates matched; 162 of the 312 matched applicants (52 percent) were US graduates. This led to an increase in the percentage of slots filled (from 65 percent to 80 percent). The total number of programs filled also increased to 63 percent in 2017, representing an increase from last year’s match when only 42.3 percent of programs filled through the match.

    ID Fellowship match

    Following a four year steady decline in the percent of positions and programs filled, this represents a significant improvement, bringing our specialty back to pre-2014 levels. The extent to which these results are due to the All-In match is not totally clear, but over the next few years, we should be able to get a clearer view of how the level of interest in ID is changing. The current results may provide grounds for cautious optimism, suggesting that ID may be more attractive as a subspecialty in 2017 than in the past several years.

    Attracting the best and brightest to the field of ID is a strategic priority of the Society and IDSA is committed to spending time and resources to continuing to affect improvement in these numbers. In addition to the all-in match policy, the Society also recently approved a recruitment campaign that will aim to reach medical students with messages about the benefits and opportunities in an ID career and to provide resources to help them make that decision. Securing the future of ID will require the involvement of each of us. Consider volunteering in the Society today.

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